Tips to Copenhagen

How to get around?

The easiest way to get around Copenhagen is by bike. If you are staying at a hotel or hostel, try asking if they have bikes for lending. Otherwise, there is a vast amount of choices for renting bikes, which are summarized here.

If you prefer public transport, then depending on how long you are visiting CPH for, and the distance you need to cross, you can choose single tickets, 72-hour passes, or a 7-day flex card. You can find more information here. You can download the app “DOT Mobilbilletter” for buying tickets on your phone, buy tickets in 7eleven, or in machines at the station.

How to get to the venue?

Happy Feet Studio is located at Ørnevej 33, 2400 Copenhagen NV. It is walking distance from Nørrebro station which can be reached via S-train (F line) as well as bus (5C, 350S, 4A and 66). For specific directions use or Google Maps.

Where to stay?

Copenhagen is a relatively small for a capital city and anywhere you stay within the city will not be more than 30 minutes away from the venue. You will be closest to venue if you stay in the neighborhoods of Copenhagen NV and Copenhagen N, but Copenhagen V, Copenhagen Ø and Frederiksberg are not very far either.

What is there to do in Copenhagen?

If you have some free time during your stay, there are plenty of things you can do in CPH. Here are some of our favorites:

Superkilen: Happy Feet Studio is located in the Nordvest neighborhood, which is probably the most upcoming area of Copenhagen. Nordvest and the neighboring Nørrebro are characterized by youth and diversity. Nothing expresses that as well as Superkilen, an urban open space park that can be found not far from the venue  The park contains imported inventory as well as replicas of swings, lanterns, benches etc. from all over the world, representing the multi-cultural neighborhood.

Canal tour: Explore Copenhagen from the water in a 1-hour boat ride. There are two providers of these tours, the cheapest being Netto-Bådene (only 40 DKK). Departure times and location can be found here.

Frederiksberg have: Swans, castle and elephants. Frederiksberg garden is located right next to the zoo and the elephant house is adjacent to the park and if you are lucky they might be peaking out of their elephant house to say hello.

Assistensens kirkegård: H. C. Andersen, Niels Bohr, Søren Kierkegaard and H. C. Ørsted, just to name a few. This is the cemetery in which the most famous Danish people are buried.

Christiansborg tower: Christiansborg is the Danish parliament building. It is free to go up in the tower, which has one of the best views of Copenhagen.

Dyrehaven: This is in fact outside of Copenhagen but easy to get to either by bike or train (the last stop of the F-line, Klampenborg). It is a big park with a small castle and loads of reindeer running around. 

A very mini Danish Parleur

Danish is a tricky language, as it is not pronounced at all like it is written. Luckily, by far most Danish people speak English, so you will not need any Danish vocabulary. Should you nonetheless want to have some, here are some useful words and phrases:

Don't know quite how to pronounce the above? Why not ask one of the Danish dancers!



Thank you


Do you want to dance?

Thank you for the dance

I am sorry / excuse me

I had a great time


Hej hej / farvel



Vil du danse?

Tak for dansen


Det var så hyggeligt!