Last year, we tried a new concept and we will use it again this year: Build your own adventure!

As a base, you get the Starter Package, which include the Friday class with Vicci & Adamo, practice sessions both Saturday and Sunday and of course all 3 evening parties with live music and great dj´s.

The Starter Package is NOT a party pass, and is not valid without at least 1 class!

On top of that, you only buy the classes you want to attend!
If you're not a morning person, only buy afternoon classes. If you leave early on sunday, only buy Saturday classes. If you like all the classes, you still have to choose between 2 classes in every timesloth, but you can get up to 8 classes over the weekend, on top of the starter package.

For each class you buy, you choose to lead or follow. That means you can decide to lead in some classes and follow in others.

Now go build your own adventure!